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Jasmine Confer
Pounds lost: 65
Dress sizes lost: 28 to 16

"After a year in Iraq, my husband came home to a new woman. For the first time in six years, I’ve held my head high. I now stand next to him with pride, instead of hiding behind him in shame because of my weight.”

Betty Radde Before
Betty Radde After

Jasmine Confer joined Curves in January 2005, right after her husband of 10 years left for Iraq. At first she was a bit skeptical. "I was afraid to join another workout facility and never attend. I could not handle being a failure again." Fortunately she was greatly surprised with her commitment to Curves and with her weight loss results!

While Jasmine's husband was aware that she had joined Curves, during his time in Iraq she never sent him pictures of herself or spoke to him on the webcams that they had available through some of the computer labs. She also asked her friends not to talk about her weight loss or send him pictures of her. "He would beg me to send him a picture of me and I would apologize and tell him I am sorry, he would have to make it out of Iraq alive and back home to me to see me again. I wanted him to have an extra incentive to come home, and extra initiative from me to keep working out." In January 2006, Jasmine's husband called her to tell her he was coming home. On the day Jasmine picked him up from the airport, she says her heart was racing. "After what seemed like forever, he came walking around the corner in his Marine Corp uniform and his eyes were the size of golf balls...he was so stunned and shocked it was me." Then he hugged her and whispered in my ear, “I cannot believe that I finally get to hold you after all of this time. I cannot believe this is you and you are smiling back at me.” In this moment, Jasmine finally felt good about herself, which she says was a life altering moment.

"All that I had worked for at Curves had changed every aspect of my life and all made perfect sense right at the moment. He told everyone at the airport luggage rack that he barely recognized me and he could not stop putting his hands around my waste and hugging me. A year later (2007) this is still the case!"

Becky Knipp
Pounds lost: 152
Inches lost: 108
Dress sizes lost: 30 W to 14

“The greatest benefit I have from losing weight and exercising is the improvement in my mood and depression. Exercise increases my endorphin levels, which has helped me get my depression under control. People tell me that I'm smiling all the time now."

Teresa Howell Before
Teresa Howell After

Becky Knipp remembers the day she joined Curves - December 28, 2002. During this time in her life she was clinically depressed and was undergoing treatment. One day she even became suicidal and told her doctor that she had planned to decide after her workout at Curves that afternoon if she wanted to end her life. Fortunately, she decided that she wanted to live. Over the next two years Becky focused on getting mentally healthy, but started to become physically unhealthy. She had since stopped working out at Curves and at 5'7", was weighing 332 pounds. At this point, Becky decided it was time to turn the page on a new chapter in her life. She began the Curves Six Week Solution in January of 2004 and few short months later, she also began doing the Curves workout again. She has successfully lost 146.5 pounds and 108.5 inches. Becky says that the biggest benefit she experienced from losing weight and exercising is the improvement in her mood and depression. "Since exercise increases endorphin levels, my depression is now under control. People tell me that I am smiling all the time. I am a much happier person now than I was before!"

Shanda Boes
Pounds lost: 114
Inches lost: 90
Dress sizes lost: 16

"Before Curves, I would never weigh myself; I was too embarrassed. Now when I weigh myself or see my reflection, I still can't believe it."



Shanda Boes has always been happy and popular. Her weight never held her back& or so she thought. Of course, as a kid she envied her skinny friends who could pack away the burgers and fries and never gain an ounce. But since puberty it seemed that being overweight was her destiny. As an adult and the co-owner of a hair salon, she saw her two coworkers struggle with weight, too. But they wanted to make sure their friendship and partnership remained healthy, in every respect. So they got Shanda to join them at Curves. At first, Shanda says she was skeptical that just 30 minutes of any exercise could do anything. However, once she noticed that she was losing an average of 8-12 pounds a month, she was hooked!